ISO 7380 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screws

Introduction to ISO 7380 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screws

ISO 7380 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screws are renowned for their robustness and aesthetic appeal. These screws offer a unique blend of strength and sleekness, making them ideal for applications requiring a clean, flush surface with minimal protrusion.

Key Features of ISO 7380 Screws

  • Aesthetic Design: Offers a smooth, rounded head for a sleek appearance.
  • High Strength: Manufactured from high-grade materials to withstand significant loads.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications in both industrial and consumer products.

Advantages Over Traditional Screws

  • Improved Load Distribution: The button head design provides a wider bearing surface, reducing the risk of material damage.
  • Enhanced Cosmetic Appeal: Ideal for visible parts where aesthetics are as important as functionality.
  • Easy Installation: The hexagon socket allows for easy driving with an Allen key, facilitating quick and secure fastening.

Applications Across Industries

  • Electronics: Securing components within devices where space is limited.
  • Automotive: Attachment of body panels and trim where a smooth finish is desired.
  • Machinery: Assembling parts that require regular maintenance or access.

Installation Tips and Best Practices

Guidelines on selecting the appropriate tool for installation, ensuring the correct torque is applied to prevent damage to the screw head or threaded component.

Material Selection and Finishes

Exploring the range of materials, including stainless steel and alloy steel, and finishes such as zinc plating and black oxide, to meet different environmental and aesthetic requirements.


  1. What distinguishes ISO 7380 screws from other button head screws?
    • ISO 7380 screws are defined by specific standards regarding dimensions, tolerances, and material strength, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
  2. Can ISO 7380 screws be used in outdoor applications?
    • Yes, with the appropriate material and finish, such as stainless steel or coated versions, they can be used outdoors.
  3. Are special tools required for installing these screws?
    • A hex key or Allen wrench of the correct size is required for installation, allowing for efficient and secure fastening.
  4. How do I determine the correct size of the screw for my application?
    • Consider the thickness of the materials being joined and the load they will bear. The ISO 7380 specification sheet and product guidelines can help determine the most suitable size.
  5. Can these screws be reused?
    • Yes, if not damaged during removal, they can be reused, although it’s essential to inspect for wear or thread damage before reinstallation.


ISO 7380 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screws are a top choice for projects demanding both functional strength and aesthetic appeal. Their design and engineering cater to a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications, promising reliability and performance.

Further Reading and Resources

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